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Wedding Day Breakdown: Getting Ready

Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

Welcome to the first installment of the Wedding Day Breakdown series, where we’ll be giving in-depth descriptions, analyses, and advice regarding different portions of a wedding day. Today we’re answering: what is wedding getting ready?

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The getting ready portion typically refers to the period between the start of the day, and any formal pre-ceremony portraits/the ceremony in general. It spans from time in salons to before seeing other all dressed up. It can include the time at the salon, but also finishing touches of hair and makeup onsite, putting on your special attire, and any activities/special things you do prior to the ceremony (like playing pool or board games, watching movies, etc.)


1. Consider a place that will put you in the right mindset, and a place without limitations.

What I mean by that is – whether you choose a family home or hotel, take the steps you need to not have to clean, or check out by a certain time, or really have to think about anything except getting ready and maintaining your level of self care. It’s a bonus if the space is big or has a lot of windows (which is great for your photo/video team!) but it’s even better if it has meaning to you and keeps your mind at ease on this day.

2. Be sure to only include people in this time that you truly want present.

This is the last bit of time before the ceremony, and there’s a good chance you’ll have nerves present. Keep people nearby who keep you calm (or know exactly how to pump you up). Whatever you want your environment to feel like, have those conversations with those that will be present on how they can help you feel exactly the way you want to feel during this time.

3. Should you have it photographed? Here’s how to know.

Some people are a little hesitant to have this part photographed – I think sometimes self consciousness plays a role in whether or not somebody wants this photographed. Consider this: would you hope that somebody would take pictures with a cell phone? What do you imagine you’ll be doing, and would you hope to remember it? It’s mostly the people coming in to say hi, give you a hug, see how you’re doing. It’s your friends helping you stay calm, but also excitement and nerves. It may seen like an easy part of the day to skip photographs of, but remember that the day of your event will likely feel much different than you may expect.


wedding getting ready
wedding getting ready
wedding getting ready

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