You will be photographed the way your best friends and family see you. And they'll be photographed the way you see them. This is about more than pretty pictures - this is about who you truly are.

And how you truly love one another. 

Live your wedding day. Immerse yourself in the experience, the people, the few hours you have together. All with no interruptions from your photographer.

the approach

Some people call it 
"documentary photography"
"wedding photojournalism"
"completely candid coverage"

but we just call it

real life.

Hey, it's Makayla. I'm a Duluth, MN and Saint Paul, MN based wedding photojournalist.

I'm going to photograph the magic that is your everyday life.

I'm a Minnesota native who lives in a perpetual state of autumn and hot homemade cider and celebrating people exactly as they are. The people and experience that you will bring into our time together are SO important.

We have a lot to talk about. I'll go first.

(P.S. I'm already obsessed with your dog and can't wait to meet them.)

It's so great
to meet you.

"Makayla is perfect at what she does. She rolls with the punches, somehow manages to be everywhere but never feels intrusive, makes you feel comfortable, and provides an experience that just exudes casual luxury and care; and she delivers top notch pictures.

Her style is to capture your day as it happens - even when it gets messy or sad or downright hilarious. We did a quick set of photos with family and wedding party, but then let the rest of the day buck.

We are absolutely obsessed with all of the pictures and all of the personal touches Makayla included on the journey to our wedding day. Hiring The Autumn Dog Studio was the easiest decision we made while planning our wedding.

It was so unlike anything we could have expected."

- Kenie + Jeff, 2021 Marriage


Our can't-miss guide for focusing on what matters

Pinterest, bridal magazines, Instagram, your second cousin, those weird targeted ads you're suddenly getting - everybody has opinions on what you need to have at your wedding.

The only things you need are what are essential to you. Cut through the noise with this values workbook to help you hone in on what matters most.

Plan your wedding based on your values.

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let's do a deep dive.

Here's all the things you're dying to know. Start here to learn more about working together, advice for wedding days, and more.

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Here's all the things you're dying to know. Start here to learn more about working together, advice for wedding days, and more.

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