An invitation to unfettered access.

That's precisely what you're given as a documentary photographer. You are being welcomed into a space with emotions and honesty and stories and long, long histories - you are being given a front row seat to the lives of the people in front of you. Being a wedding photographer is more than just Instagram stories of dance floors, black jumpsuits, and photos of you holding a camera.

It's a commitment to preserving the integrity of memories that people have. It's recording the sights, colors, feelings of what is happening in that moment with accuracy that's untouchable.

You are building a legacy for the people you photograph.

Interested in joining the team? Let's talk about it.

Associate/Assistant Photographer and FIlmmakerTrack:

We're looking to add members to our team to take on associate and/or assistant positions in both the photography and filmmaking tracks.

Responsibilities include:

* Weekend commitments to documenting life events, and being an accurate witness to what goes down
* travelling to said events, with possible overnight stays
* Understanding/learning the basics of professional photography and filmmaking
* interacting with crowds and families at events

Criteria encouraged, but not required:

* location in either the Duluth, Twin Cities, or Madison/Milwaukee metro areas
* experience in professional cameras and filming equipment
* experience operating/running a wedding/media business, but has no desire to operate one of their own
* experience navigating large crowds
* basic understanding of effective communication

We will train you in the following:

* utilizing controls on professional cameras, audio equipment
* TAD's approach to events, what to look for, how to anticipate movements
* effective communication with, education of, and mindset of serving, clients
* utilizing the perfect lazy river to waterslide ratio of WI Dells Waterparks





Due to the number of applications, you likely won't hear a response until an event becomes available. You are so appreciated and I can't wait to meet you!

I'm so excited, my friend.

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