Photographs that look and feel like the memory they represent - with no memory of the photographer that took them.

You realized your event isn't just about portraits or centerpieces. This is about stories. This is about packed dancefloors and last hugs with family and that late-night pizza.

You want the real connection. The real moments. Photographs that show the real story of what went down, and not a perfectly curated version of it.

You want to be able to focus on your people, your party, get your cocktails and appetizers and immerse yourself in your wedding day - and you're looking for a photographer that won't ask much of you. That won't interrupt you. That creates images out of the magic that already happens. Because you know it's there - you just want somebody else to see it too.

This matters. And you're in the right place. Because trust me - I see it too. You'll get to hang with your family, your friends, do all the things you're looking forward to at your event.

And I'll be there, photographing it. Up close and personal. Intimately. Passionately. But with

no constant giving of direction,
no "do that again",
no "okay, but now like this",
no stopping what you're doing or stepping away.
(Unless you personally plan it.)

We'll create magic of the things as they are. 



wedding collections are available in digital formats, with film add-ons

Each of these images shares a real-life event, a truly lived story -  all with absolutely no direction from a photographer, bystander, or the like. Each of these stories was given as much attention and care as the next, and will live on to remind people of the happenings for long after we're gone.

Imagine all the incredible things that are going to unfold on your marriage day - if only you're there to experience them.

Mary B., 2021 Bride

"I am so thankful I chose Makayla to capture my wedding. She truly captured every moment ! When I look at the photos, I can truly say I remember the moment just the way she captured it, and viewing the images brought tears to my eyes. Makayla was so kind and patient with us through out the evening that she felt more like family than a photographer. I could not be happier with her or the photos! If you are looking for a photographer to capture all your moments she is definitely the photographer for you."


"She was able to capture moments that I did not even know happened due to the craziness of the day and being pulled in five different directions at once. Moments like my wife looking at her dress, the brides maids playing CAH while getting ready and her family seeing her for the first time in her dress. We did very few posed pictures and the ones we did do went quickly and turned out amazing. I can honestly say that she does care about you on your wedding day and it shows through the photos. I am not an overly emotional guy but I end up tearing up looking back at these and most likely will for years to come. Thank you Autumn Dog Studio and Makayla, for capturing not just our wedding, but who we are as people."


Adam S., 2021 Groom

"There is not enough I could say to properly describe the gift that Makayla has. My jaw was on the ground when M revealed our photos to us, because I just couldn’t believe the moments she saw. She was so inconspicuous that I hardly noticed she was there on our day, but her product showcased that she was there for every little moment. She captured not only the special moments between my husband and I, but also between the small group that shared our day with us. Makayla also goes above and beyond in the small details both before and after the wedding day that aren’t even related to photography, which just goes to show how deeply she truly cares about the couples she works with. I would recommend Makayla without hesitation. Hands down one of the best decisions we made for our day."


Elle L., 2021 Bride

"Choosing Makayla as our photographer was the best decision we made. She understood our needs without even asking. She danced and celebrated us at our reception. Our photo album has made us cry, laugh, and remember moments that we may have forgotten. We are forever grateful for Makayla and what she creates in the most beautiful and personal way."


Anna J., 2019 Bride

"Makayla is phenomenal! Everything about our wedding had to change due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, and Makayla showed such understanding and flexibility in everything she did. I am IN LOVE with our photographs and cannot stop showing them off! They are true works of art and capture my relationship perfectly."


Megan B., 2020 Bride

Weddings aren't the only big life-changing events we experience - sometimes the smallest everyday acts are the biggest forms of love.

Maybe it's your everyday walk, entering a new era of graduation, or you're moving and want to commemorate your first home.

There's a lot of reasons and ways to celebrate love. So for the victories you experience year after year, we'll create the images with you to look back on.

And all the same rules apply: there's no directing here. No hand placement. No pressure. I simply show up, and you simply show me you.


These images aren't just for the "right now".
They're answering the future question of
what the hell happened that day.

the big "why"

When you've been married 10 years and your lives together feel like a blur.
When a friend brings up a wedding day memory that you don't remember.
When you're old and grey and get to tell these stories to children about their crazy grandparents/aunts/uncles.

Wedding photography is sometimes distracted by the flashy, by the gorgeous, by the latest trend in landscapes and colors and you-name-its.

But at its core, it should only be this: telling the real-life story of what the hell happened that day.

It might feel impossible to know what matters to you now. But decades from now you'll know. And you'll either have images that truly tell the story... or you won't. And long for what could have been.

Marriage party coverage starts at $500/hour, with 2023 couples investing an average of 4800. Nearly all wedding day coverage is customized, so you'll have only the best fit for you.

Ready to check out our collections and find the best fit for you? Head on over to this investment page to learn more.