"You have to own every square inch of your story. Otherwise you have all these bits and pieces you don’t know what to do with. Embarrassing stuff, the awkward stuff, heartbreaking stuff, stuff that’s locked in a black box at the bottom of the ocean. And when you look back on your life – the awkward, embarrassing, heartbreaking tragic stuff – is often where the new life came."

This is your story. Your tale. Your little corner of the universe with all its complexities and everyday happenings and small moments of victory and joy. In all of this planning and decision making that you're doing, it's easily forgotten - this isn't just a wedding.

This is a marriage. This is your life. This is your story.

A story written of families and friends and love - and this idea is what makes weddings more than just a day of gorgeous flowers and pretty views. How does your family interact? Who are the party animals? How many times are you going to cry? (Or attempt not to?)What is your dream to always have remembered?

Imagine a wedding day where your videographer asks very little of you, where you get to spend your time doing what you truly value. No portraits for hours on end, no "okay, do that again", no weird or cheesy requests. Only getting to focus on your guests, your family, your drinks at the bar.​ Getting to have the day you always imagined, with little interruption.​

And films that will last a lifetime to tell this story.

- The Minimalists Podcast, ep. 252

Looking for a sample film? This is it. But this isn't just a collection of pretty people looking pretty in locations that are beautiful.

These are normal people, living out one of the most wild days of their lives: where they committed themselves to another person for the rest of ever. There is family and friends and dancing and crying and all of the things that come along with an emotionally charged day.

Each of these films shares a real-life event, a truly lived story. Each of these stories was given as much attention and care as the next, and will live on to remind people of the happenings for long after we're gone.



The wedding trailer is the most commonly invested film. It's a highlight reel of both big and little moments from throughout your day, with options for audio from vows, speeches, music, etc. Films are customized based on what matters most to you about your event.


The wedding documentary is the longform version of the trailer. It's a 20 minute long feature film that includes not only big moments, but smaller ones too. It's creates a big picture story of all the things that happened this day.


The ceremony film is the start-to-finish of your marriage ceremony. It often includes some of the early hugs and after ceremony celebrations as well. This film also includes professional audio, for crystal clear sound to always remember those promises to each other.



Alexis K., 2020 Bride

"I am so glad that we chose Makayla to capture our elopement! She was SO amazing to work with! She captured us as our authentic selves in the true moment - you can tell that this is something that she has an incredible passion for. She knows exactly what she is doing and is extremely professional."

don't just take it from me:


Anna J., 2019 Bride

"Choosing Makayla as our photographer was the best decision we made. She understood our needs without even asking. She danced and celebrated us at our reception. Our photo album has made us cry, laugh, and remember moments that we may have forgotten. We are forever grateful for Makayla and what she creates in the most beautiful and personal way."

don't just take it from me:


Megan B., 2020 Bride

"Makayla is phenomenal! Everything about our wedding had to change due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, and Makayla showed such understanding and flexibility in everything she did. I am IN LOVE with our photographs and cannot stop showing them off! They are true works of art and capture my relationship perfectly."

don't just take it from me:


Evelyn C., 2019 Bride

"We chose Makayla because we felt her style of photography, which captures the REAL moments of the day, would be the best fit for us. She surpassed all expectations. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to look back at their photo albums tomorrow, in 10 years, or 50 years from now and remember each real and amazing moment she captured."

don't just take it from me:

Let's get started

Marriage party coverage varies based on the size and scope of your event. Elopements and small weddings start at 1000, full day weddings start at 2800, with 2021 couples investing an average of 3500. Nearly all wedding day coverage is customized, so you'll have only the best fit for you.

I recommend reaching out and having a conversation to make sure your wedding films are something out of your dreams.