Humanity on Display.

Professional photography is a weird, strange world where somehow everything needs to be picture perfect.

But I don't agree with that.

I've always found more beauty in the real, in the loud, in the hard laughs, in the awkward. Yes, even the awkward. 

I believe that people are inherently interesting, and complex, and worthy of being photographed. Even the family members that embarrass you, even the inappropriate speeches your friends make, the kids who are running in circles. 

Everything that surrounds your life is incredible. Weddings have a display of humanity that you can't find anywhere else.

And that, above all else, is what matters. In a single sentence, I can promise you this:

I give a damn.

I invite you to step into a world where the photographer you work with isn't judging you and isn't creating a fake version of you - but rather, is seeing you for exactly who you are.

And I promise you that you will be photographed with reckless honesty and a version of acceptance you've never experienced before.


There are so many in-betweens that are somehow lost in photography - my goal is to bring back the truth of your event and the reality of what it was like for you that day. This is delivered in the form of photographing all the little things to help you remember the places you went and the things you experienced.

And not just your version of the truth either: the truth that's found in the stories of your guests, family, vendors, animals. Every single being present is bringing an experience to your event, and capturing those are important for you (and me) too.


The things you chose to incorporate into your marriage party or portrait session have a reason for being there - and that meaning matters. I'm here to photograph the multiple layers of things you've chosen to surround yourself with, to bring back value into your photographs.

It's a talent, to take a beautiful image. But it's an art to take a beautiful image where the pretty isn't perfect, but rather filled with intention and meaning and reality.


Without connection, a photograph can feel lost. By using a documentary truth-telling approach, I'm able to hone in on you and your guests to begin to understand who they are and how they interact with each other. Whether that includes huge happy laughs or tears from a harder feeling, every intimate moment is valuable enough to be captured.

As a wedding photographer, you're welcoming me into this space, to tell this story. Getting close and not only empathizing, but respecting, your experience is what's going to give your images that gut-punch feeling of emotion.


the three things


To see you for all that you are, all that you've been through, and all that it took to be standing here in front of me in this moment.

I will never dismiss you, never make you feel like unworthy of the camera, never secretly wish that your event is prettier or anything other than what it currently is.

I will welcome the lived experience that you and your guests are having, reality of puppy kisses and screaming kids and all.

I will, with my whole being and my whole heart, truly believe that you and every individual I photograph matters.

Because you do. And I will be a witness to testify so.









What an honor. There's a level of trust that it takes to believe that a photographer can take pictures that will remind you of your marriage party, of your life, of all the things you love - to tell the truth.

I'd be more than honored to do so.

"This is exactly what we want."

Let's get started