3 Ways to Stay Emotionally Grounded During Your Wedding

Sunday, December 13th, 2020



Throwing a wedding can be overwhelming, both in the planning process, but also the day-of. You may be focused on how to make everything go off without a hitch, that you don’t get to live and soak in all of the things you’re going to experience.

Here’s three ways to stay emotionally grounded during your wedding:

1. Allow yourself to feel all of the emotions, and give yourself ample time to do so.

It’s a really common feeling, to want to stave off tears or the hard stuff during your wedding. But isn’t that what we’re all here for? Weddings at their core are a celebration of love and the human condition – and whether that’s just pure feelings of joy and laughter or sometimes having a cry, every single range of that gamut is important to feel.

Allowing yourself to feel all of the emotions, to experience them in real time, is going to give you a beautiful gateway to a deeper and easier to recall memory, as well as getting to acknowledge those feelings.

2. Focus on creating memories with the people you love the most, not just creating images with them.

Remember that your vendors love you to pieces – but your time isn’t meant to be spent with them all day. You are there to love each other, to love your friends, your family, your guests: all of these things take priority over anything else.

When you think about the images you’re hoping to walk away with, think about the environments in which those would happen. If you’re hoping for endless candid images of you hugging and loving guests, make sure you do things like attend cocktail hour and see people during the reception. If you’re hoping to have images of your parents laughing and crying with you, remember to involve them in processes like getting ready and pre-ceremony moments.

Asking yourself, “what do I want to experience?” will keep you in the moment, in the reality of your wedding day – and make it feel less like it’s all about a production.

3. Accept that once you reach your wedding day, things will be as they are.

It won’t help during the experience of your wedding if you’re walking around, nitpicking that things aren’t exactly as you expected. Allow yourself the space and time to worry and be particular – but let that all go the morning of your wedding.

Your wedding day is no longer the time and place to worry about the tiniest of things that didn’t come together perfectly as you expected – wake up the morning of your wedding with the love and acceptance that things will play out the way they do, and you’re just there to enjoy the party you’ve created.

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