6 Reasons to Invest in a Wedding Film Collection

Sunday, July 12th, 2020



“Do I need a videographer?” This is something that so many couples ask themselves when they begin planning their wedding. There’s no perfect straight answer that somebody can give you on whether or not it will add value to your wedding. To help you decide further, here’s a few main benefits to investing in a wedding film collection.

1. Wedding films capture movement and sound

A simple start, wedding films captures those things that photographs can’t: movement, and sound. If you know that your partner’s vows are going to destroy you with love or that your family’s toasts are going to make you laugh to no end, video is the only way to capture not only what it looked and felt like, but what it sounded like too.

2. It adds to memory accuracy

Have you ever looked at a photograph from your really young childhood and over time, started to believe that you remembered being in that moment? While I’m sure there’s a lot of images that you truly remember being a part of, time often fades the details surrounding them. And while these images are still incredibly powerful and meaningful, there’s an element that can sometimes feel left out.

Films are a powerful watch to actually re-watch what happened. They truly show color, actions, laughs, feelings, all of it. You can watch the exact thing that you’re aiming to remember over and over again with accuracy and truth.

3. They are easily shareable among family and friends… and future generations

While images can also be shared among family and friends, it’s even more simple to pop a wedding video up on YouTube and send the link to whomever you want to be able to see it. If you have a lot of folks that likely won’t make it to your event, this is a great way to share those pieces of it quickly and efficiently, with meaning.

Not only do films transcend distance, they transcend time. Your future generations and younger family members will be able to see the video from your marriage, once you’re parents (or even grandparents). Imagine being able to share a film of your wedding vows with your grandchildren, whom are about to be married themselves. Your film will show the longevity of love.

4. You’ll get to re-watch your vows in real-time

A huge perk to wedding films is the ability to relive sound and movement – and this is especially important if you choose the route of personal vows. While you may have the paper or saved copies of your words, the ability to listen to your spouses voice shake or to watch the tear fall down their face holds an important place in your heart. The ability to watch this commitment happen again and again over the course of your marriage will serve as a reminder of why you made this wild decision to commit your lives to each other. In the hardest times, you can look back on this film and remember your why.

5. Our team videographers are just as hands-off as the photographers

There are often fears surrounding videographers and whether or not they’ll be up in your face all day with lights and audio recorders and the like. In reality, our team filmmakers are much like me and our team photographers: documentary based, fly-on-the-walls, who are there to capture what happens rather than intrude on it. They use regular sized gears that focuses on the ability to capture those in-between candid moments that you love with photography, but with the movement and sound and replay of films.

6. Hired filmmakers have access to more movement and space than a family friend with a camera on a tripod

I truly believe than any film is a valuable film, no matter where it comes from. While a family friend can be great for a last minute decision in a pinch, a hired filmmaker is given more freedom to move about your event. They also have access to color correction, multiple camera views, and professional editing that ties everything together.

Here at TAD, our focus is on chronological, experience based films: we make films that look like professional home videos. They show how your event flowed throughout the day in exactly the way it unraveled, so watching the film is truly like going through your wedding day all over again. And only a hired filmmaker will have access to all of these parts of your event.

Did you hire a filmmaker for your event? Do you wish you did? Share more of your experience below!


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