The Best Minneapolis Metro Venues for Small Weddings

minneapolis venue for small weddings

Sunday, February 28th, 2021




If you’re engaged or looking to get married this year, you’ve definitely had to contemplate your wedding size. In 2020 so many couples were forced to change their plans because of gathering restrictions in different states. But maybe watching all of that chaos brought you to one conclusion: you want to have a small wedding. Whether it’s to forgo stress in the future, to create an intimate environment, or because you’ve always wanted one, this decision comes with more venue options than ever before. Many locations started to offer “micro-weddings”.

Micro-weddings are typically the full-stop event – but with a lower guest count. You may still have all the same vendors. You may still even use the same venue. But the group you put together is smaller and more intimate.

If you’re considering a small wedding in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul metro, look no further. This is a list of the best Minneapolis metro venues for small weddings.

Remember: a small event doesn’t mean it’s less important. It doesn’t mean it can’t be grand or beautiful. It can be all of those things – maybe even more so – simply with fewer people present.

minneapolis venue for small weddings


Our favorite picks:


A beautiful modern space, PAIKKA has multiple spaces available for ceremonies and receptions. But that isn’t what puts PAIKKA at the top of this list. They recently launched a sustainability program where you save money off of your event rental by dedicating yourself to low-waste and ethical sustainability practices at your event.

The Annex

The Annex is a modern space that accommodates both the city feel and a tropical locale. Their large glass garage door opens during the summer months to allow fresh air in, or keep it closed and enjoy the warmth and intimate feel of their plants.

Neu Neu

A multi-functional space, Neu Neu is right in the center of downtown. Working to create small events that fit exactly who you are, they offer a collection specifically catered to smaller weddings.

The Machine Shop

With it’s vaulted ceilings and white industrial interior, the Machine Shop is a great setting for any event. They also have a cocktail lounge located within the space, with an ever rotating menu of beverages and small plates.

Others to consider:

The Blaisdell

Loring Social

Watson Block

FIVE Event Center



Our favorite picks:

Hewing Hotel

Beautiful architecture and the convenience for all your guests, the Hewing Hotel is a slam dunk. They have multiple rooms available for your small event.

Aster Cafe

With multiple rooms and styles, the Aster Cafe is a win for everybody. With rooms ranging from brightly lit, to speakeasy warmth, your event will be brilliantly taken care of. Just steps away from the river, skyline, parking ramps, and more.

Number 12 Cider

While many breweries have their own rental spaces, the areas at Number 12 Cider are incredibly unique. With three different option to choose from (ranging from classic rustic to mid-century modern) you can take your love of cider to your intimate wedding.


Our favorite picks:

City Club Saint Paul

Looking for something dark and moody? Looking for a modern vintage feel or that speakeasy vibe? Look no further. The City Club Saint Paul blends history with the modern party, perfect for gatherings looking for atmosphere.

Others to consider:

Semple Mansion

Day Block Event Center

Van Dusen Mansion

Harriet Island Pavilion

Kellerman’s Event Center

The Lumber Exchange


Our favorite picks:

Como Park Saint Paul

Not only do they have incredibly gorgeous interiors, but they also have outdoor options for ceremonies. Explore the park, walk a lap around the lake, see the fountains and more. Make your small wedding at Como Zoo made of things that bring you peace.

Irvine Park Saint Paul

Phalen Regional Park Amphitheater

Raspberry Island

Did you find the Minneapolis venue for small weddings of your dreams?

If so, I’m so excited for you! I’m ready to photograph your event with intention, and to highlight all of the things you love about your people. Reach out to learn more about why documentary style photography is the best fit for your wedding.


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