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Sunday, June 7th, 2020



If there’s ever a florist that knows how to go big and bold and beautiful, it’s Superior Blooms. Having worked with them over the course of many events, it always becomes a sign of calmness when their team hits the ground running. I had a talk with Emily, who gave me more details and insight into what make Superior Blooms different.

For those new here, can you summarize who you are and what you do into two sentences?

Superior Blooms creates artistically forward floral arrangements for wedding days and every day at our studio in downtown Duluth. Our passion is creating a connection with flowers through quality, personalized floral design. 

Nice and brief! Now make it longer for those in the back.

Superior Blooms is a sister company of Northland Special Events, who has been planning and executing weddings in the Duluth area for 10 years! Mariah, our owner, started doing flowers for her planning clients with her mother, Sharron, and the rest is history. Once that seed was planted (flower pun!), they began making everyday floral arrangements as well under the name Fleurtation. A couple years ago they rebranded and what was formerly known as Fleurtation became Superior Blooms! I started as studio manager in July after moving to Duluth from Fargo, North Dakota. I’m loving the area so far and can’t wait for a full summer of weddings and events here!

If your business is built on three values, what are they and why did you choose them?

We have three words we chose for our core values: create {connection. love. memories}, fresh {quality. personal. everyday.}, superior {local. experienced. gracious}.

What would you say is the number one feeling you want your clients to walk away with when working with you?

Joy! We want all of our clients to be over the moon about their floral arrangements, whether it’s for a birthday or a wedding. We want every client to know that each arrangement is made with them in mind.

What it the most important thing to you on somebody’s wedding day?

That they love their flowers! If something isn’t quite right, or not exactly how you imagined it, we do our absolute best to make it so. There is nothing better than handing a bride her bouquet and seeing her light up and say “This is exactly what I pictured!”

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What made you choose to start this career path?

When I started college and was looking for my first real job, I knew I needed something fun. I’ve always had a creative mind and loved working with my hands so I found a job as a floral clerk at a local grocery chain in Fargo, North Dakota. I very quickly fell in love with floral design! That was six years ago which seems crazy to me now. I’ve had a few other jobs in between, but always came back to flowers. I decided that my college career path was not what I was truly passionate about, and never looked back. Now that I know what it’s like to whole-heartedly love what you do every day, there’s really no going back!

Are there any exciting projects/offerings in the future that people can look forward to seeing?

Right now we are focusing on building awareness and brand recognition of Superior Blooms on it’s own. Many people have heard of Northland Special Events and know they can also get their wedding flowers through them, but we want to let clients and brides know that they can work with us without being booked with Northland Special Events. We are also trying to grow our retail floral presence as well, through various events and workshops.

Alright, it’s always the elephant in the room, COVID-19. How are you and your clients handling the crisis?

We have been very fortunate that many of our May and June clients have already been able to reschedule their events for later this year or next year. For those who are still moving forward as planned, we are just doing our best to support them in any way we can. Whether that means helping them with a scaled down version of their contract for a short and sweet elopement or a back up plan for next year, we’re taking it day by day and client by client.

Are there any ways that you can help other couples who have to reschedule/find new vendors? (i.e. open dates, COVID related resources, etc)

We have quite a bit of flexibility in our dates and staff, so we urge anyone in need of a florist for their new date to contact us!

We know that things are crazy right now, and will do our absolute best to make new dates work for new and existing clients. It might make for long days and nights for us this summer and fall, but if it’s something we can do to ease the stress of our clients in this unprecedented time, we’ll do it!

This slower season is the perfect time to set up a virtual consultation or get an email thread going.

Are there any parting words you want to leave us with?

We’re here! And we’re still thinking about you! Even if you just have questions about a date or want to chat about flowers, we’d love to hear from you. As hard as it is, don’t let this crazy time deter you from planning your dream wedding with your dream flowers. Or from celebrating life’s moments and sending a little joy to your friends and loved ones.

I appreciate your time, and always love sharing about the incredible work you do, Superior Blooms. Where can people reach you?

Find more at:

Instagram:   @superiorblooms
Facebook: Superior Blooms

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