2019 Recap: The Best is Yet to Come

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

Here we are, at another culmination of a year. It’s weird being in the wedding industry – your work days are scheduled literal years in advance, and though 2020 is just now here, I’ve been writing dates as /20 for basically all of 2019. So it kind of feels like I’m already living in it. Last year’s recap talked about being thankful for not knowing what was going to happen to me that year. But this one’s a little bit different.

Emily and Austin embrace during their first look.

I know what’s to come, and it’s greater than ever before. In the last two months of this year, things have been making massive shifts (and we’re not just talking about name changes here). Fundamental values of my business have become more important than ever, and next year is going to be the biggest year for industry shaking work than ever before. And by industry shaking, I mean even more client-centric and anti-status quo than before. What is going on in this industry? How did mountains and fake wedding setups and contrived emotion become the center of this meaningful party? How did we get here?

The head table reacts to an unexpected speech.

Rather than give the whole story and background and history of wedding photography, I think we’ll spare it. But it’s important to know that though I’ve been preaching honestly and integrity in image making, it’s going to be bumped up to a whole new level in 2020.

Imagine if the light in your images exactly matched the light that you experienced. Or the color. Or the feeling. The everything. And it’s not always going to be perfect but I can’t wait to see it get damn close. The witness that is your photographer is here to tell your story – whether it’s in laughter or tears or ambivalence or sorrow. All of the feelings are here to be felt. This isn’t to say I didn’t feel that way before – but it’s here to say I stand by that sentiment. The best is yet to come. This truly is going to be the story of you. In the best, most honest way.

Anna and Rob are completely immersed in each other during their ceremony.

Last year, I was excited by what I didn’t know would happen to me. This year, I’m excited because I know exactly (well, mostly obviously) what’s to come – because I’m writing those rules. I’m no longer blindly following what I thought were goals and aspirations, no longer doing things that I thought were great and honest and made weddings so much better because they don’t.

Weddings don’t need great photographers to be great.

There are quite a number of you that have excitedly said yes to having me along next year, and to you, wow, I’m so thankful. I can’t wait to serve you right. (same goes for those that haven’t reached out yet, but will. I’m here for you.) Together, we’re going to make what is typically labeled as mundane or average or normal and show it as the cherished thing of beauty that it is.

We’re going to be honest together and really make your event shine as what you’re planning it to be. Because whatever that is, it’s enough for me.


Hey! I'm Makayla, a wedding photojournalist based in Duluth, MN and Saint Paul, MN. 

I believe that stories are best told untouched, undirected, and with intentionality and meaning.

This blog is a space to share advice for couples about weddings, advice for photographers about witnessing events with intention, and steps to create decisions based on your values and what matters most to you.

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